Inforeez is a startup in the Information Technology sector we are located in Calicut .Here are some of the reasons that make infobreez the best option for all kind of Businesses solution.

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    Technical Excellence

    We have a small but great team with the breadth and depth of experience and expertise in the latest technologies we specialize in enterprise application mobile application development and custom software development

  • infobreez

    Efficient R&D

    With our focus on enterprise application R&D is part of our every day routine and adapting new technologies integrating new framework to take the application to next level.

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    Excellent Customer Support

    We provide online and email based support for all products and services we offered , keeping customers business interests on top of everything else .

Our Products

BusiMate Cloud Accounting & POS Software

Android Front-end and Cloud based backed provides best-of-both-worlds advatage and you can now really focus on your business

BusiMate PRO Cloud ERP Software

Manage Production & Distribution business Prepare Business reports

BusiMate PRO Apparel

ERP customized to meet specific requirements of Apparel/Garment Production industry.

Our Services